About Kvedaru Ukis

Kvedaru Ukis is a vegetables farm and a processing factory in Lithuania that has been delivering vegetables and vegetable products to international partners for over 20 years. We supply the retail, wholesale and HoReCa sectors with a private label or branded options all year round.

The team takes care of the full value chain based on clients’ preferences - from seed to end products - to deliver on your end-consumer expectations.

Our farm: selects most suitable seeds and soil, grows, stores in cooling storage and sells fresh vegetables as well as supplies the factory.

Our factory: washes, peels, cooks and packages vegetable products based on clients' preferences in the clients’ desired packaging.

Within our years in business we have created a top-tier qualification team that works with industry-leading equipment to deliver high-quality products. Also, as a family business, we value people in our team that enables Kvedaru Ukis to deliver personal service to our partners.

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Our vegetable products

- Cooked

- Peeled

- Processed (e.g. sauerkraut)

- Fresh


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+370 659 58075

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